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God is more interested in what you become than anything you do for him.

Debbie Peters—keyboard guru

Favorite Movie—Indiana Jones trilogy and Lord of the Rings

Favorite TV show—Alias and Dog, Rehab with Dr. Drew

Favorite Clothing—Anything comfy!! Of course wearing Uggs goes with anything too

Favorite Book— Ascent of a Leader, True Honor, Dark Side of Leadership

Favorite Food—Chocolate... That's a vegetable!

Favorite Quote—You often hear her say, "This too shall pass" and
"Balance is the key!" 

Recognized as a prodigious pianist at the age of six, Debbie Peters spent nearly two decades studying for the concert stage. She received her classical training in Piano Performance at McPhail Center For The Arts Minneapolis by an international performer and instructor After completing her B.S. degree in Music at North Central University, she accomplished course work toward a Masters in Orchestration at the University of Minnesota.

In 1977 Debbie married her long time friend, Jim Peters and together they formed GTM. Debbie is a talented musician, composer and sequencer. She plays keyboards and sings during the concert performances and serves as music director for the team. She is listed as a top Keyboard sequencer and has done Beta work for Yamaha and Korg.

She has a degree in Music and is a graduate of McPhail School of Music, University in Minnesota.

Debs Keyboard Arsenal

  • Korg Triton, Trinity, Extreme, 03RW
  • Yamaha KX 88 (old school) DX 7, TX816, P300
  • Roland Karma , JV 2080, D550
  • Ensoniq SQR
  • 6' 6"Grand Piano—it's a great old Knabe & Co. from the 20's

This is a Russian man who came to our concert in a small village in Udmurtia. He couldn't believe Americans would come to his town and stayed long after our concert just to be able to touch us.  He must have been a World War II veteran, when he put his hand on my cheek he began to cry.

Update!!  WE have my new instrumental CD done, "Autumn" it's part two of a four part "Songs for the Season" Series.  It's available for shipping NOW!!  You can pay pal us for $13buck (that includes shipping) Use this pay pal link and send the funds to and we'll get it out to you directly. Debbie Peters Album "Autumn" This album is what many are saying "my best" I know you'll love it and celebrate the season of "Autumn" with me.

What a joy to work with our US military guys and gals in Germany.  It was an amazing time together.  I honor their bravery, courage and sacrifice.  Not only because we have our freedom because of them, but so many other have experienced freedom for the first time.  We will be back with them all again this October....I can't wait!

This reminds me that we have the choice to choose freedom both inside and outside.  I have seen young people full of peace in the midst of the worst circumstances and are still truly free by their right choices.  Then I have seen people who seem to have it all and yet no freedom or peace within. I am amazed and thankful that I have been able to bring the freedom that only Jesus brings to so many. 

Because of HIM, I have made so many new friends...whose faces are imprinted on my heart!!

My choice....freedom! Thanks for listening!


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