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"Common sense ain't common and you are proof of that."
Jim's Dad

Jim PetersInfotainer


Favorite Movie—Iron Man!  Sweet, wow what a riot.  RD Jr rocked it.  Batman - great ride so sad about Heath.  Reminds me of what I did in Germany with Codine, Caffeine, and Clariton...wow

Favorite piece of clothing—English Laundry.. looks old skool jimmy hendrix but smells new.

Favorite TV shows— The Office, Forensic Files and Jimmy Kimmel... (I like reality)

Favorite books—The Post American World, The Wizard of Ads (great marketing not a Harry Potter book ya dope)

Favorite quote— "You ARE who you ROLL with." Jim Rome

Jim's Gear - 05 Fender American Deluxe Jazz, '67 Fender Precision bass, '76 Fender Limited edition P Bass, '89 Fender Jazz 5 string, 2002 Music Man bass,
2003 Spector Bass.  "All my other basses.... I don't remember other than the sweet Rik I lost on a Jordanian Airline flight...don't get me started on that!"  Oh and my new butt kicker .... new fav toy is "electric Cajon" wow, very cool, google it.

Mildly Important Stuff

Jim Peters has delivered his unique mix of humor and truth around the world. 

The son of a businessman who taught him, "If you love people you will always have a job" .

At 9, Jim was forced to play a musical instrument.  "We were Germans and my dad

wanted a polka band!"  So he requested a set of drums thinking

'surely his dad would never agree to that.'  To his shock, Mr. Peters said 'yes' to the drums. 

This launched Jim's career in music as a sought after studio drummer. 

He has performed with some of Christian music's greatest artists. 

Jim founded GTM, Inc. and as a visionary, he has focused the energies of the group

toward using music and humor in ministry around the world.

They have travelled to over 40 nations and performed on a variety of stages. 

Jim has a B.A. in Music from North Central University.  He is a liscenced minister and an
honored member of

P.S. Jim had nothing to do with the writing of this previous paragrah... it was done by PR people.

Jim firmly believes that laughter suppressed, turns to gas!
"Too many people on the planet are too serious.  I don't need to add to that.  Besides, who needs more methane?"

Jim's spin on life comes from a 9 year old's perspective.  His mother- in- law believes he was hit in the head frequently as a child and he is stuck at 9.  But he seems to get the point across to even big kids.

With only a microphone and a smile, Jim takes the stage and by the end of the event, everyone is convinced he has totally won over this audience.   When you meet him, you will want to be his friend. 

Need a laugh?  Download one of Jim's comedy clips on our "media" page.   It will give you gas! 



This is Jonny, a true American hero!  Wounded in Afg, attended one of our events in Germany. Amazing story.  Great kid.  Also pictured is Jillian, one of our 'daughters in the faith'.


Dateline Fall 2011

If you havn't seen our Tee Shirts 4 Troops web site lately, you're missin out!! www.teeshirts4troops.com it's loaded with pictures of what we've been up to. Also please friend us on Facebook, Jim Peters, Debbie Soderlind Peters or Lavon Reep, we've got our pages chock full a pictures of troops and updates from the road. It's really cool, and it's easy and FREEEE, everyone like free.

I'm always impressed with the quality of people who are in our armed forces.  They just impress me.  George a wounded troops who've we've been working with for almost three years, now back in active duty, and wanting to head back 'down range' said to us, "you guys make us want to get better.  Wow  and we thought at first we were just, "handing out shirts" but when you're doing what JC tells you to do i't never 'just'... "small doors lead to large rooms" we've been handing out tee shirts for several years and now we're approaching the 10k shirt mark!! Incredble.

The US Military retreat we do each year in Garmish, this year was oooomazing, we hauled 6 of our young leaders - young people who've gone through our 'jedi training academy' and have now launched their own ministries, came with us and totally handled the youth part of the retreat.  Each kid got rocked, and the adults were wondering what was happening with the youth, sooooo it spread to them.  Cant wait to go back.

The UFC sponsored 12 of our wounded troops and sent them to see fights in Washington DC and Milwaukee Wisconsin.  The looks on each soldiers face was a smile about 14 inches across...lol, but we thank the UFC and Tapout for being so helpful in our quest to see wounded troops healed.

Our Thanksgivng is gonna be amazing, - depending when you're reading this...lol, we are hosting 3 wounded troops that we've been working with over the past several years at Bethesda Naval Hosp.  Sooo they will spend 10 days hanging out at our house, we're just 'being family' with some wounded dis enfranchized young American Heros....it's perrrfect.

Make it a great life, it's never too late to start!!


Jim Peters

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