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Lavon Reep - Edutainer

Favorite Movie - Old - Indiana Jones Trilogy, Tombstone

Recent - Zero Dark Thirty

Favorite Read - Non-fiction - Business of Heaven, by C.S. Lewis

Bible, by God

Fiction - Nicholas Nickelby by Charles Dickens

Favorite TV show - Deadliest Catch " on the edge"

Justified, "so raw and real.Watch your back!!".

Dancing with the Stars "brush up on my choreography"

Most Favorite NFL Team  - Indianpolis Colts 'n Minnesota Vikings

Least Favorite NFL Team - Dallas Cowboys

Favorite Clothing - PJ's(signals a day off), leggings from Nordstroms and boots from GERMANY

Favorite quotes - "Ahead of me....a wall so thick. Behind me now lay just one brick."
" If ownership doesn't matter, you possess all things."

Dumbest thing I ever did - OMG.(there are soooooo many) slipped off the back of a flat bed truck in Portugal during an outdoor concert and landed in a telephone booth...!!

Smartest thing I ever did - Follow Jesus and believe He is who He says He is!

The skinny on my far...

I had aspirations toward a career in theatre and dance. While preparing for that field, I committed my life to Christ and my future changed drastically...basically headed in a new God inspired glad.

I have co-produced four musicals with Debbie and written several of the team's songs,

including an anthem to the Philippines that received national airplay during the country's revolution, going 'Top 40' on their charts."That was fun"

In performance I sing and play acoustic jazz percussion (lots of exotic toys). I also coordinate GTM global tours plus US concert events.

As an edutainer, I do workshops on "discovering your divine design", and 'telling yourself the truth", and have a lot of fun with GTM Young Leaders.

I have a B.A. in Mission Education from North Central University
and M.A. from AGTS in Christian Ministry.
I am a liscenced minister and a member of Who's Who, Global Business Leaders.'s enough!!



Are you interested in the new GTM Young Leader Events "Discover Your Divine Design"??

We are aware that potential emerging leaders are frustrated about: not having a true sense of purpose, They struggle with uncertainty about their passions, gifts, and life skills,and feel clueless about how to access them. We have spent a good piece of our lives figurng the answers to those Q's.

Sooooo... it makes sense that we pass it on.

Some ideas we explore - Figure out your leadershp style, Understand the difference betwwen your mind and you spirit, Address strengths and weaknesses, d iscover your love Language, Learn your God given giftings, Become an effective team player, Maintain valuable friendships, Find your true passions and skills and put them to work for you..

We want you  to live an inspired life and have a blast . It is an incredible way to "FOLLOW GOD"........ get jazzed about the adventure.

Check out the' Itinerary page' and see where the "Discover Your Divine Design" event will happen next. It is labelled "EMERGING LEADER EVENTS"




A fan in Russia. This guy wouldn't leave me alone!  Guess he was auditioning to join the band. LOL!!

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