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LINKS to: our gear suppliers  They supply all of the gear for the 50 plus sound systems we have given away overseas.

 www.scratchpadusa.comIf your into keeping your guitar's looking factory, then these guys have the products that will keep em sharp.  Check them out, great family company.  Our keyboard, microphone, guitar, and percussion stand people-- just the best.  Our sound absorbing masters.  They supplied the stuff in our vocal booth and recording studio, Reepete Studios!


LINKS to: our sponsors


If you want to look like GTM
        They have those great Hawaiian shirts Jim, DEb, and Lavon wear. Everyone should own one.  It starts conversations and draws ya outta your shell!   Try it, you'll like it! Cool and comfy.  These guys send Jim the best 50's style shirts ever made.  They are the same old company which supplied the greats like The Rat Pack and of course a fav of ours, Kramer!  You can see all my shirts on CBS's "Two and a half men".  Charlie Sheen copies Jim's style!  Yea...Right.!!   Wow!!! Their shirts just make ya feel like steppin' outside to see Fonzi on his cycle!  Worn around the Jim.


If you want an espresso like GTM   These guys keep us in fresh cappuccinos and lattes with gourmet commercial and home espesso makers... how else do you think Jim keeps up his neurotic image?  Caffeine baby!

If you want a cool site like GTM  For a website a kickin' site !! rock!! our home on the internet.


LINKS to: Cool Ministries   The best place for prayer.  Having experienced it, I say it's a must to visit the web site.  Log on for prayer!  You gotta be praying for our nation. This link  is vital to every believer and anybody who cares about the troops..   Our mentor, Tommy Reid, with an amazing church in Buffalo, NY.  Yup, we said........ Buffalo!   Pastor Ken Hansen-- so far outta da box, you have to experience this church first hand. They have a  jazzy waterfall in the entry. If you don't live in Chicago, you can settle for the web site.  Great site for an update on what God is doing around the world.   Sort of like Fox news.... for Christians!  Helps to keep the Main thing the main thing..  These guys have done their homework and show the global advance of the church. Awesome stuff!!!   This site will give you amazing stats on what God is up to in the nations of the world. 

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