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Scroll down for addtional skinny on GTM with the troops....
Cool Clips

Check out some of our groovy schpeel from previous gigs at Military installations:

Audio | Clips from album: Baseballs and Bibles

Audio | Clips from album: Musicianary Mayhem

Audio | Clips from album: Baseballs and Bibles

Be Strong

Light of the World

Our Heart

People Get Ready


Seize the Day

"Hoo-ah, Ooh-rah"..... however you say it depending on your branch of the military!

GTM is reaching out  to the US military community with comedy, inspiration, and music.

Relevant concerts and comedy events are GTM's specialty.  The team has worked in the following installations....

Fort Bliss, El Paso, TX  (bottom picture)

Biggs Army Airfield,  EL Paso, TX

West Point Military Academy, West Point, NY

Fort Lewis, Seattle, WA

Marine Corps Camp, Kaneohe Bay, HI

Marine Corps Combat Center, Twentynine Palms, CA

Naval Air Station, San Diego, CA 

Davis - Monthan AFB, Tucson, AZ

Little Rock, AFB, Little Rock, AR

Eglin AFB, FL

Hickam AFB, Pearl Harbor, HI

Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA

(second and third picture)

Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Landstuhl, GERMANY

(top picture)

Camp Foster, Okinawa, JAPAN,

Camp Schwab, Okinawa,  JAPAN

Camp Hansen, Okinawa, JAPAN

Camp Butler, Okinawa, JAPAN

Yongsan Garrison, Seoul,  KOREA

Vogelweh Military Complex, Kaiserslauten, GERMANY

Ramstein AFB, Ramstein, GERMANY

Kadena AFB, Okniawa, JAPAN

former Clark AFB, Angeles City, PHILIPPINES

former Subic Bay Naval Station, Subic Bay, PHILIPPINES 

"We need more groups like you.  What you share is so relevant to our troops. How soon can you return?"
Command Chaplain (Col.) Reed, Camp Hanson, Okinawa (2003, 2005)

One marine (pictured with Jim) in Okinawa said, "I wish I would have heard  and responded to your message years ago.  My life would be totally different." Thank for coming.

"I recommend GTM without hesitation to any chaplaincy department in the UA armed forces. I expect to use them again in my next assignment."   Chaplain (Maj.) William Barefield, Regimental Chaplain, Ft, Bliss (2001)

"GTM's overwhelming presence and dynamic role play of army core values has provided a solid foundation for over 1500 AIT soldiers.

In appreciation for appearing as entertainment for the 1st Battalion 56th Air Defense Artillery Regiment."

Lt. Commander, AD, David Bagnati, Ft. Bliss (2002)

"I can't tell you have much I appreciated their  flexibility and understanding when supplying spiritual encouragement in a pluralistict environmnent. I  highly reccommend them to other chaplains."

Chaplain (Col.) Scott McChrystal, West Point (2001, 2004)

"Everywhere you guys go people get happy and excited. Thanks for encouraging me and the young men here at NAS. Promise me you will return."

Chaplain (Lt.) Wes Modder, Naval Air Station, Coronado Island  (2004)

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HOST A GTM EVENT AT YOUR INSTALLATION - send an email to or call us at 317/842-9100 OR 317/752-0542 and ask for Lavon - schedule coordinator.  We can customize a program for your situation.  Let's make it happen for the troops!!!

T's For Troops Update

Wow, thanks to our corporate sponsors who helped us give out Tshirts to wounded troops and those just returning from 'down range' in battle.  The guys were thrilled to have a part of 'Americiana' to show off.  So many smiles so little time.  We have plans to return and will need even more T's for troops on our next tour early '09



Box of single shoes 2 Landstuhl Medical ctr.
Box of single shoes, guys have there foot blown off and only need one shoe, so they save the other and wait for the next plane to arrive in case someone on that plane has the other foot missing
Shirts from FenderWounded GI 2
Sorting out our newest shipment of shirts from Fender, Da Vincis' English Laundry, Junk Food and English Rose
Woman in the middle
a Wounded GI who heard about the Superman shirts and our Super heroes T shirt program, heading back "down range to Iraq to continue the fight.
Cool shirts
Deb standing outside the USO on post at Landstuhl Med Ctr, the only USO on a base.  Sent there for the guys to have open access while be treated for wounds
Box of single shoes
Lavon and Jim laughin with a GI who got a Fender shirt as he's playing some sweet tunes in the USO Music room, loaded with good gear including a TV with rock band.  We're laughing because in the midst of all the wounds of war this GI laughed as he told us...."ah i was wounded when I tripped over a carpet edge in the mess in Iraq"  now THAT IS FUNNY, so he got a shirt!
Wounded GI
This is Lavon and "the woman in the middle, who runs the USO and became an instant friend to us.  She is incredible at loving these troops and providing a safe fun place for them to forget their problems and feel like home.  Her husband on the left has been "down range" = that means Iraq or Afg - several times and is truly a "hero" in the best sense of the word.
Deb outside the USO
This young man was rehabing at the med ctr and wanted a Superman t.
Cool shirts 2
These troops just laughed as we picked on them.  Can ya guess where the guy on the right is from???? ahhh Alabama baby!! Hes a hero, been Special forces and now switching to nursing?? what??? man he' had all the pick up lines now everyone wants to talk to him about a rash or some other health
Cool shirts 2

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