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The Big Whoop
The members of GTM have been progressive in culturally sensitive music and comedy since their inception.  Having originated the term "Musicianaries," they recognized that comedy, worship and quality music can be a serious force behind evangelism and church planting.  Their humor sure becomes a wicked tool to open people's hearts to hear the amazing things they have to share.  They have been called upon from all over the world to train national musicians for saturation evangelism.  Jim, Deb and Lavon were contributing delegates to The Global Consultation On World Evangelization (GCOWE '95) in Seoul, Korea-- a congress of 4,000 Christian leaders from 200 countries.  Click here to read their latest newsletter.
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Many people have commented on GTM music, but this one we really got a good laugh out of, it's in response to Jim's comedy CD "Musicianary Mayhem" -clips available on our Media page.

"Tell Jim that on our last trip up to our home in Waynesville, NC,
we listened to 'Musicianary Mayhem' in the van.  We were all laughing so hard.  Noel's Mom was just beside herself and short of breath.  The more she screamed at the stories, the more the rest of us laughed all over again, even though we've heard it hundreds of times (literally).  And the kids just love it when Jim says "... this shy pastor from Alabama..."  We were exhausted by the time we arrived from laughing so hard!  We share that CD all the time!  
Dennis - Mobile, AL

"I woke up to hear Jim's voice drifting through our ventilation system. My 10 and 11 year old sons were listening to 'Musicianary Mayhem'.  My wife said to me, 'great, now Jim has possessed our home. Even the duct work sounds of him!' My boys are addicted to that CD" Dave - Tucson, AZ

This comment came following  a GTM  leadership training event entitled......
"10 Things  We Learned The Hard Way".

"Having been in business managment with McDonalds for over 15 years, I came to your event expecting to hear material I had head from others, however I was blown away.  Your material abd your approach was fresh and new.  I reccomend my entire staff attends this seminar"  Jim - Mobile, AL

Comments from our friends.....

"I couldn't believe the things you say and get away with." 
Tommy Reid - Buffalo, NY

"Worship and Comedy??  Never thought it would work, but I was wrong. It's another way to look at praise and joy." 
Ken Hansen - Bolingbrook, IL

As an organizer inviting musical groups to participate in events surrounding the '88' CALGARY WINTER OLYMPICS, it was my privilege to be introduced to GTM. Their vibrant sound and high energy presentation communicated to audiences. They exhibited sensitivity to the requirements of the Olympic spirit.  I wholeheartedly commend GTM to any organization seeking to cooperate with a highly ethical and uplifting group of musicians.

David Wells, Event Chairman
'88 E.O.C. Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

It isn't very often that you find three people that are uniquely committed to a vision for so many years and displaying such enduring pursuit of a common goal. I consider GTM to be excellent role models that have engaged their lives in sharing the Gospel and giving to others.

Timothy Kuck, Vice President
Regal Marine Inc. Orlando, FL

We have known GTM for over 13 years and have supported their ministry. We still do today. They have ministered in our church many times and the call of God on their lives is evident. They exemplify character beyond reproach on stage as well as in their personal lives. I highly recommend them.

—Gary McIntosh, Pastor
Tulsa, OK


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